Author: brendan

  • WordPress on Podman

    If you are reading this post – then I have successfully got WordPress working on Podman. Placeholder page – coming soon

  • Part 2: Optimising the code

    Where we left off… When I finished writing up the last post, I had managed to get the code into RTIC, but the code had grown from ~350 lines to ~620 lines. A lot of this was lengthy and repetitive bits of code that spanned several lines. Even though this code worked fine, it would […]

  • Part 1: STM32 Rust based energy monitor

    Getting started with the Rust code Welcome to the first (of hopefully many) posts about building a home energy monitor. Over some years I had a bit of fun successfully making an LED blink on an Arduino and getting some basic wifi working on an ESP32. Background The microcontroller Looking for something more powerful, I […]